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The service that we provide enables members to download within two days. If the member downloads a video to their computer, mobile phone or tablet, it will be stored permanently.
The service that we provide enables members to download within two days. If the member downloads a video to their computer, mobile phone or tablet, it will be stored permanently.
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当视频无法播放,画面出现Flash Plugin failed to load,是因为目前大部份浏览器将会去除Flash的支援,请对照你的浏览器版本,依照以下浏览器教学进行设定即可正常播放哟!

请于网址列输入chrome://settings/content/flash,并点击停用 Adobe Flash Player.
请于网址列输入qqbrowser://plugins,并点击停用 Adobe Flash Player.
请于网址列输入se://plugins,并点击停用 Adobe Flash Player.
请于网址列输入chrome://plugins,并点击停用 Adobe Flash Player.
请于网址列输入ucbrowser://plugins,并点击停用 Adobe Flash Player.
请于网址列输入liebao://plugins,并点击停用 Adobe Flash Player.
请到SafeIP官网,点击 Get SafeIP,下载至本机。
请将OpenVPN Connect和OvpnSpider两种APP,下载并安装于手机中。
请将OpenVPN Connect和OvpnSpider两种APP,下载并安装于手机中。

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